One-of-a-Kind Affordability

Designed for accessibility, reliability and flexibility, the Sparis™ radiolucent, cantilevered surgical table delivers total patient support and optimized 360° intra-operative imaging for complete access to the total spine at an affordable price.Sparis works with the BodyTom™, O-arm® and other traditional C-arms for better imaging results for all types of spine procedures—the first time around.

Adaptable for a wide range of patients and procedures, Sparis offers unique versatility. Standard accessories are available for both supine and prone patient-positioning configurations.

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The Sparis is the simplest upgrade your facility can make:

  • Designed to complement your existing BodyTom™, O-arm® or traditional C-arm imaging devices.
  • Accepts commonly-used surgical table accessories.
  • Adaptable for a variety of procedures: spinal, orthopedic, general surgery or pain management.

No power, no problem:

  • Adjusting the table to the optimal height for clinical access is easy; simply raise and lower the table using the foot lever.
  • Locking casters make it easy and safe to move the table from room to room for quick setup.
  • Sparis provides smooth +/- 15° lateral and trendelenburg tilt motions.

More confidence, better outcomes:

  • The cantilever provides greater access for optimal patient positioning.
  • The 58-inch (147-centimeter) radiolucent tabletop delivers unobstructed imaging.
  • Reinforced spars are designed to reduce bouncing.
  • With strong carbon fiber construction, Sparis supports considerable patient weight (up to 500 pounds/226 kilograms) without drifting down.

What you need, when you need it:

  • Various accessories can be mounted on the two rails on the sides of the pedestal.
  • Popular cranial stabilization systems are compatible with Sparis.

For a fraction of the price of alternative tables, you and your facility can enjoy the versatility and reliability of a new Sparis system.

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