CFI offers a variety of sealing techniques designed to create fluid resistant or air tight barriers without the use of adhesive.   Each method involves heat, pressure, and time, but depending on the requirements of the materials or product design, a variety of sealing technologies to suit your need:


RF sealing, or welding, is the process of fusing together thermoplastic material using high frequency electromagnetic energy between two metal welding bars. This process creates an increased temperature at the edge of the thermoplastic materials which in turn melts the layers together forming a durable bond.

Impulse sealing, is the process of holding layers of plastic film under pressure and applying heat for an instant.  After the heat stops, the seal is allowed to cool before the pressure is released

Heat sealing, the process of using a heated tool to apply pressure and heat to form a a bond between two or more layers of plastic.

Ultrasonic sealing, or welding, is the process of holding plastics or materials with dissimilar properties under pressure and locally applying ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to form an integral bond between the materials.

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