Molded Foam

Molded Foam CapabilitiesCFI offers compression molded cross-linked foam as well as reaction molded urethane foams.

Compression molding

Utilizing machined molds and a variety of large and small format presses, CFI applies heat and pressure to foam sheets to achieve a fluid resistant, durable or “TUF” (textured ultra-foam) finish.   If a smooth finish is desirable, “HCF” (healthcare fabric) can be bonded to the foam to achieve the look and feel you want.

Individual sheets of cross linked foams are typically less than 4” thick x 84” long x 42” wide.  CFI has a variety of lamination and welding options to produce products that are substantially larger than the available sheets.  When thinner profiles are required, CFI’s foam skiving capability can be leveraged to prepare thin sheets for molding.  With heated and or cooled press sizes up to 8’ x 12’, CFI can compression mold virtually any size or shape you need.

Urethane molding

When foam fabrication can’t readily achieve the desired geometry for soft pads or when volume demand justifies the tooling investment, CFI can offer urethane molding to suit your need.  In this process, liquid is injected into mold and a chemical reaction occur.  The reaction causes the liquid to rise and fill the cavity of the mold.  A skin forms against the walls of the mold providing a durable surface.  The molded part is now ready for shipment or can be further processed with the application of a PVC coating.

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