Foam Fabrication

Foam fabrication was the foundation of CFI and continues to be a key driver in our success. The knowledge we have gained through decades of experience guides us in assisting you with selecting optimal materials and processes to fit your application.  Utilizing advanced techniques with the highest quality in mind, our capabilities are geared to produce virtually any shape or size, one piece or thousands.  CFI’s foam fabrication equipment includes:foam_CAP

  • CNC reciprocating and band saws for accurate, high-speed cutting
  • Large format band saws for blanking and staging
  • Skiving saws for automated slicing of thin sheets of rigid or flexible foams
  • Compression cutting, a hydraulic press forces foam through a pattern then a saw blade slices the foam.  The end result is a concave or scoop cut that is ideal for cradles or holders.
  • Lamination and welding of multiple layers of foam or dissimilar materials can be performed to achieve integral bonds.

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