Drain Bags

Fluid containment is one of our specialties. We have sterile and non-sterile drain bags available to fit urology tables for GE/OEC, Siemens, Dornier, Liebel Flarsheim, Mallinckodt, Covidien, and hoop style frames attached to a surgical table. Looking for something custom? Our design engineering team can work with you. Can’t find a specific product? Our sales team is here to help. Please contact us in the form below and we’ll quickly match you with the solution you need. 

Part ID Description Unit Size
5480 Uro-catcher drain bag BX OF 20
5000 Urology drain bag BX OF 20
5010 Contain drain collection bag BX OF 10
5300 Uro-catcher drain bag BX OF 10
5313 Uro-catcher drain bag BX OF 20
5416 2600/2800 Uro disposable pack BX OF 20
5417 Drain bag with plastic clips BX OF 20
5418 Uro Drain bag for LF Systems BX OF 20
5419 Drain bag BX OF 20
5442 Uro drain bag for siemens BX OF 20
5444 Uro drain bag for Dornier BX OF 20
5477 Hose with adapter, fits all urology bags BX OF 20

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