Vacuum Forming

Vacuum FormingWhen cradles, basins, or supports are needed, vacuum forming could be the process of choice.  Vacuum forming begins with materials selection.  Depending on the strength or imaging modality requirements, Available in a variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses, CFI maintains inventory of several thermoplastic sheets such as ABS, Kydex, Noryl, and polycarbonate.  When other materials are required, CFI has ready access to suit your needs.

Once the material is selected, CFI will utilize its in house machining capability to craft a mold from an appropriate material depending on your anticipated volumes.  Aluminum, rigid urethane or even wood can be optimal depending on your needs.

During production, the thermal plastic sheet is heated to the optimal temperature and then vacuumed to shape over a concave or convex mold.  Once molded the part is quickly trimmed and de-burred. If required, CFI can apply further assembly or finishing techniques such as painting or branding.

Contact a CFI for assistance with your next vacuum forming program.