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Used in over 600 hospitals in 12 countries, C-Armor® is the standard of care for Lateral C-Arm draping.  C-Armor® is the only draping method that prevents sterile field breach as defined by AORN guidelines. C-Armor® is an expandable and collapsible sterile pouch that adheres to the patient drape at or above the level of the sterile field line. It permits unlimited fluoroscopic imaging in the horizontal plane, maintains the sterile field, and lies flat to the table when not in use permitting unencumbered surgical access.
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Infection Cost

Complies with AORN standards
Half sheet draping provides only 3 sided protection; AORN recommends 5 sided protection for non-sterile equipment introduced into the sterile field.

Recommended Practice AORN 2009
(e.g., Mayo stands, microscopes, C-arms) should be covered with sterile barrier material(s) before being introduced to or brought into a sterile field. The equipment should be covered with a barrier material on the top, bottom, and all sides.)

Reduces Costly Infection Risk
The average cost of a Surgical Site Infection (SSI) is approximately $33,000*. As of October 2008, hospitals can no longer bill for certain Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). C-Armor® protects the sterile field and efficiently transitions the c-arm from an A/P to lateral image. By definition half sheet draping breaches the sterile field. The number of sterile field breaches is a known risk for surgical site infection. Actively striving to prevent SSIs benefits the patient and the hospital. Surgeons will appreciate the investment in sterility to prevent SSI in their patients.

Saves valuable O.R. Time and reduces biohazard waste
Retrieving half sheets, opening them, and stopping the case to unfold half sheets wastes valuable time and money at $30-$45/minute**. Use of multiple half sheets contributes a significant volume of material to red bag/biohazard waste contributing to additional O.R. expense. By draping only once during a procedure, C-Armor® improves efficiency and saves money for each case in which it is employed. The expense of C-armor® relative to a half sheet is more than accounted for by reducing surgical site infection risk(33K); saving valuable operating time($40/min), reducing biohazard waste($), the cost of multiple drapes($7-$15 avg), and decreasing surgeon, nurse, scrub and c-arm technician frustration and providing a safer environment for the patient.

*Infection Control Hospital Epidemiology 23(4) 183-189, 2002
**Walton Hancock: “Hospital Systems, Impacts on Cost and Quality”

Here’s what some users are saying about C-Armor®

Dr. Tony Mork, Endoscopic Spine Specialist

“problem solver…”

“time saver…”

“I’ve used the C-Armor and really feel like it is a quality product. Every orthopedic surgeon who uses fluoroscopy has many things to worry about other than maintaining the sterility of the C-arm. And every time the C-arm goes under the table to achieve a lateral x-ray there is a possibility for contamination. I think that breaks in sterility happen more than we realize. The C-Armor drape is simple and easy to use. It can be quickly opened and closed with one hand. I know that I would much rather worry about fracture fixation than deal with clipping and unclipping a half-sheet multiple times per surgery. This product allows me the luxury of knowing that my C-arm is sterile.”
Emily Benson, MD – Ventura California


“The C-Armor is a problem solver. It saves me time and gives me the confidence that we are maintaining our sterile field during our lateral rotations. I couldn’t imagine going back to old draping methods.”
Jake Heiney, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon, Toledo Ohio


“My focus is on the patient. C-Armor allows me to keep my attention where it should be, on the patient!”
Chad Warren, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon, Everett Washington


“I love it! It’s simple and it works!”
Kevin Murphy, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon, Portland Oregon


“We have used this product for a while now and my staff love it. At first they were a little reluctant but once they tried it they don’t want to do a case without it. I scrubbed for many years and wish we would have had C-Armor—the waste we went through with mayo covers, small drapes and then the sterility was always a worry and this is definitely and improvement over that and a time saver.”
Linda Whitsell, RN – Clinical Specialist Orthopedics/Neuro, Heartland Health/Mosaic Life Care

Watch the C-Armor® drape in use

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