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Introducing EZ-TENT™ – The fenestration drape designed with an “L” shape for both Internal Jugular and Sub-Clavian procedures. It eliminates the time-consuming task of propping numerous towels (which can absorb fluids and cause contamination), sealing the prepped area and arranging drapes. EZ-TENT has a unique feature that better covers the patient’s face while preventing the drape from making contact thereby reducing claustrophobic discomfort during procedures.

EZ-Tent™ Gallery EZ-Tent™ Gallery EZ-Tent™ Gallery EZ-Tent™ Gallery

Time – Applying EZ-TENT is much faster than using towels and sealing the prepped area

Flexibility – EZ-Tent is designed to accommodate both Internal Jugular and Sub-Clavian procedures.

Safety – EZ-Tent covers the patients head from contamination as opposed to towels which absorb fluids and can cause contamination to the patient and the bed.

Comfort – EZ-Tent covers the head of the patient without making contact, which reduces the claustrophobic sensation common with towels.

Projected Availability Late 2015 

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