Printing & Marking

Advertising your brand is essential to promoting the ability of your customers contact you for repeat orders.  CFI has several in-house printing and marking capabilities that can be applied to your products or packages to ensure brand awareness with each product.Branding for YOU

Screen printing (silk screening) is the process of transferring ink through a mesh with a squeegee.  An ink blocking stencil is applied to the mesh.  As the squeegee drags the ink over the stencil the image is applied to the substrate.  CFI commonly applies screen prints to foam pads, coated products, plastic films and fabrics.

Laser Engraving, with minimal set up time and no expensive tooling, this technology is ideal for applying your brand to metal and thermal plastic substrates.  The accuracy of the laser promotes a repeatable, professional image on each part.

Thermal transfer printing, adhesive labels for pouches, bags, and boxes are rapidly printed in low and high volumes.  Ideal for sterile product marking and bar coding, the adhesives, papers and inks have been validated for the rigors of medical device distribution.

Laser Printing, high volume, high quality laser printing at a rate of 90 pages per minute with 1200 dpi; black & white manuals, brochures, and inserts can be custom print to meet your specifications.

Private Labeling your brand name, company logo, re-order information, and bar code can be applied to a wide range of standard and custom products and packages.  CFI’s document control system ensures that the correct revision of your label is applied each production run.

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