Eliminating the Need for Sedation

Med-Vac™Sedation is no longer necessary for infant and child MRI scans. The Med-Vac™ vacuum immobilization bag safely & securely fastens around the patient to restrict movement, therefore reducing repeat scans.

How Does it Work?

Med-Vac’s air-right, chambered bag comes filled with tiny, evenly spaced beads. Simply wrap the bag around the infant, secure the straps, hook the bag to a pump to evacuate the air. The bag will become rigid around the infant without squeezing or applying pressure. When finished, simply release the valve to allow the bag to re-fill with air, then undo the straps.

The unique patented multi-chambered system that makes up the interior of the MedVac vacuum splints makes them ideally suited for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Thin, flexible, easy-to-use, and very stable the patient is comfortably stabilized during the scan resulting in optimal first time images.

It is crucial that for a quality examination, the patient must be in the absolute idle position of the joint to be scanned. Until now, this total motionlessness was very difficult for the patient to accept and maintain. The result has been the need to repeat the scanning procedures leading to an increase in the time needed for the examination.

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Easy to use:
• The chambered beads are positioned in the right place, resulting in quick application
• Very thin to fit most coils
• The vacuum valve closes automatically after air has been evacuated
• Easy to clean
• The electric pump can be easily installed in an adjoining room
Patient comfort:
• Patient is comfortably supported and immobilized
• Soft as silk on the patient skin
• Excellent insulation properties keep infant warm
• No movement; optimal first time images
• Increased throughput; more patients per shift
• Increased return on your MRI investment

Watch the Med-Vac™ system in use

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Product Info

Part ID Description Price
VMR33PUBB Infant Immobilizer (Newborn – 1 year old) $995
VMR38X01 Child Immobilizer (1 Year Old – 4 Years Old) $1,195
27625 Manual Pump and Hose $129
EP01110 Electric Pump and Hose $1,386


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