When the Engineer Becomes the Patient

I sat there waiting for the diagnosis that would identify the ailment that had plagued me for a little over a year. I grimaced from the pain as I alternately massaged the golf ball-sized knots in my back and neck (I now know these muscles are called my trapezius). The Neurosurgeon concentrated on his computer… Read More >>


Acquisition Enhances Innovation Focus, Product Offering of Wisconsin Manufacturer of Medical Devices NEENAH, WI. (November 6, 2014) – TIDI Products, LLC (TIDI), a leading manufacturer of clinically differentiated, single-use, medical devices, has acquired CFI Medical Solutions (CFI) of Fenton, MI., a diversified medical device manufacturer and engineering resource for hospitals, distributors, and global original equipment… Read More >>

Summer is over and the fall harvest is upon us

Summer is over and the fall harvest is upon us. The Halloween season starts the fall festivities and on into the Thanksgiving holiday. My name is Cory Klockenga, and I am part of the Engineering department at CFI Medical. We have been working hard creating new products for the medical industry. I enjoy designing and… Read More >>

Creating a “Win-Win”

Medical practice is increasingly subjected to regulatory “influence.” Many of these rules and regulations improve health care, while others seem to add work without discernible benefit. Still others have a sound rationale, yet require a change in clinical practice which can be frustrating to a clinician, especially if it requires changing a comfortable practice. I… Read More >>

Zero-Gravity™ CE Mark Press Release

CFI Medical and BIOTRONIK Announce CE Mark for Zero-Gravity™ Suspended Radiation Protection System Technology to Reduce Clinician Fatigue and Orthopedic Injuries Surpasses Partial Radiation Protection of Conventional Heavy Protective Apparel FENTON, MI, US and BERLIN, Germany, September 23, 2014 – CFI Medical, a leading manufacturer of innovative radiation protection products, announced CE (Conformité Européenne) approval… Read More >>

When a physician-inventor needs a friend…CFI!

Few people need somebody they can relate to and trust more than a physician-inventor does. The early process is expensive, time-consuming, confusing, ever-changing, and statistically likely to fail. The waters are shark-ridden, and it’s not always clear whether the hand that shakes yours plans to let go after achieving a hidden goal. But if one… Read More >>

Sterile-Z™ Press Release

FENTON, Mich.—September 8, 2014—The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) bestowed their Seal of Recognition on CFI Medical Sterile-Z™ Technology on August 12, 2014, acknowledging the design’s education materials are consistent with AORN’s Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices. CFI Medical (cfimedical.com) officially launched the Sterile-Z™ Back Table Cover in August.  It is the first in… Read More >>

Sterile separation technology for the surgical drape

Surgical site infections (SSIs) are now considered to be a ‘healthcare-associated infection,’ previously referred to as a nosocomial or hospital acquired infection. According to the World Health Organization, healthcare-associated infections are the most frequent adverse events in healthcare delivery worldwide. It is estimated that 750,000 to 1 million SSIs occur in the U.S. annually, requiring… Read More >>

Parental Pain

What is more heart wrenching for a parent than to see their child undergo a medical procedure? I vividly remember my mother chasing me around the doctor’s office as I attempted to avoid getting a shot as a child (one much too old to be doing that!). I don’t know whether watching my discomfort or… Read More >>

The Four Words Every Sales Rep Wants A Customer To Say

CFI Medical started its business with humble beginnings in a 3,000 square foot pole barn with six employees. How things have changed during the past 44 years for CFI Medical and for the medical device industry. During my 35-year career as a sales representative, regional manager, consultant, and founder of an independent sales agency in… Read More >>

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