Improving Efficacy

We help clinicians provide a more effective treatment. We safeguard patients against infection. We help healthcare systems mitigate risk.

We’re CFI Medical, experts in patient positioning systems, radiation protection systems, and infection prevention systems that help improve the effectiveness of clinical practice.

From the Blog

The Four Words Every Sales Rep Wants A Customer To Say

CFI Medical started its business with humble beginnings in a 3,000 square foot pole barn with six employees. How things have changed during the past 44 years for CFI Medical and for the medical device industry. During my 35-year career as a sales representative, regional manager, consultant, and founder of an independent sales agency in... Read More >>

Got Carbon Fiber?

So, what is the big buzz about carbon fiber? Well, in the medical device field, it comes from its strength and minimal weight and also the ability of this fiber-reinforced polymer to keep patient radiation doses at a minimum. My name is Brian Knoch and I have been a carbon fiber engineer here at CFI... Read More >>

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